May 1, 2016

After what has likely been far too long, the first wave of consumer zero output is complete. On May 13 of this year, we will release the fourty-eight page magazine consumer zero 01-01 and the six-track album we're drowning from mathbonus. Both will be released digitally and in a phsyical edition. The full color, perfect bound print of the magazine can be pre-ordered for $6 USD (excluding shipping) and the CD-R for we're drowning, a high quality jewel case including a twelve page booklet, can also be pre-ordered for the same price. You can save by ordering both, which will only cost $10 (excluding shipping). Or if you're a futurist, you're welcome to pre-order the digital release (not free) and download the .pdf of the magazine for free (nice!) on May 13. All details regarding these pre-orders can be found here.

First off, mathbonus' newest effort is truly fantastic. As one of the few mathbonus superfans in existence at this time, I can strongly vouch for the genius of we're drowning. It has absolutely satisfied my desires for new music from Sam and based on the conversations I had with him, it will be a strong step in the direction of returning to more infrequent, but higher quality, releases. I'm already driving myself crazy with excessive self-editing on this post, so I'll cut things off here. You can hear loads more of my praise for mathbonus and some words from the man himself in the first issue of the consumer zero magazine.

Speaking of which, putting it together really did take way too long -- but likely for the better. I remember that in some of my first conversations with Sam, I specifically mentioned he should feel unpressured and able to take as long as he likes with making the release. I was holding strongly to the belief that we should never have to make sacrifices of creative quality because of self-imposed deadlines. While I still agree with that mindset, I don't think I had initially expected to be doing so much of the delaying myself. For some time in February and March, I used the late reponses or lack thereof from those I was working with as an excuse to not operate very urgently, but by the time April had come around, the guilt really started to sink in. After some stress-inducing stare downs with my phone calendar and a few all night writing sessions set to the music of Supersilent, things finally reached a close. Although it might never be possible for me to be satisfied with words and how I've used them, I am very proud of all of the content that made it into this issue. I have an unending respect for the artists I interviewed for it and I hope my efforts will succeed in helping to spread their awe-inspiring music.

To many more,


First consumer zero Magazine and Label Release

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