Despite the internet making it easier for music to be spread, the so called indepedent or underground music culture of today seems to behave similarly to the corporate music world. In both cases, success is often only attained if the product is marketable, which really means how cool or trendy it is. Developing a niche social culture built around sets of associated acts with intriguing conceptual backgrounds and categorical buzzwords are essential to this. For example, having blatantly simple, low effort, and sometimes outright bad album artwork has been very cool lately. Releasing things without previous announcement has been cool as well, and not making an effort to record or post-process music well has also been hip, even if they have made an effort and the artists are only giving off this impression.

While the aspect of what gets coverage and exposure is rather unfortunate, there is a handful of incredible music that is now accessible at all, thanks to technology. consumer zero first hopes to serve artists who are creating very good music, but also to fight through the bullshit for them if they haven't been lucky enough to have a fashionable aesthetic and advertising friendly attitude. While I think there is value in pointing out the problems, there would be no reason to complain if there weren't people making incredible music worth supporting.

first label release is from mathbonus, an electronic producer.

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